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Tsumago Magome

Walking between the Magome and Tsumago is one of the high light of Nakasendo walk.
Starting from Magome,  you climb for about 1 hour or 2.5km(1.5mi.), and hike over the Magome Pass, you will walk along the natural trail in the forest. For 5km long after the peak, it is mostly down and easy way.  There is a tea house in Ikkoku, just after the climb,  and free tea is served. There are some host, but if you are lucky, you will listen he sings the old local song.

Total distance from Magome to Tsumago is 7km(4.4mi.)
Enjoy walking.
If you need an experienced certificated guide (English), Please contact us.

Magome Post Town




Natural trail in forest.




Ikkoku rest house
Free Japanese tea is served with warm fire in winter time.
Free-WiFi is also available here.



The path is mostly unpaved natural way, but you experience sometimes stone paved way.



Persimmons hang under the roof has mild sunlight in winter.
A kind of winter scenery in local Japan.

Water wheel is no more common in Japan, but it still works here in Tsumago post town.



You seldome see the town is so calm. Mostly Tsumago is full of tourist, unless you wake up early.


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